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About the Founder -Julie Sullivan Fields

 Julie Sullivan Fields, known in the birth community as Jules the Doula, is a holistic health practitioner offering doula services, childbirth education, hypnotherapy, prenatal massage, and Usui Reiki or “energy work.” She has dedicated time to those in need by providing reiki and reflexology at the Virginia Piper Cancer Center, as well as the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS. Working alongside these courageous individuals has enriched her life and made her grateful for all of life’s blessings. Her doula education was through Dona International which carries the mission of promoting high-quality birth and postpartum support by setting the standard for the doula profession through evidence-based training and certification for doulas of diverse backgrounds. Serving as a doula is a passion that fulfills Jules’ spirit. She recognizes childbirth as key life experience in a woman’s life and considers it a blessing to be a part of this passage. As a doula, she embraces each woman’s personal vision for her birth and provides support before, during, and after with the emotional and physical assistance needed. Jules passion for helping others led her to creating The Virtual Mama Connection.  The Virtual Mama Connections was established in 2020, when Jules listened and heard the needs of many of her clients who had just delivered babies in the midst of COVID-19. There was a cry out for connection, a need to be heard, and educational information to be made available to women everywhere in a virtual manner. Jules then came together with a group of board members who have various backgrounds but have a common desire to help and serve the community. An amazing team who believe that through education, awareness, and connection that we can help women and families everywhere. No matter what the demographic is, that these are the critical foundations that must be made available to all families. By giving this, we can come together and build stronger individuals which will result in stronger families. Together we believe we can build healthier families and a more united community.

Christine Brass-Jones

Christine Brass-Jones DO is the Medical Director and Owner of the Center for True Harmony Wellness & Medicine. She is also the Chair for the Department of Women and Infants at the new Banner Ocotillo Medical Center.  She is part of a united healthcare team who helps their patients learn how to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits through health care that truly integrates conventional western medicine with naturopathic and holistic techniques.


She believes that education, trust, and preparation begin the path to a healthy journey.


Dr. Brass-Jones teaches women that as they embrace a healthy lifestyle, their labor, deliveries, and babies will follow in the same manner, because a healthy mom leads to having a healthy baby. While she fully supports natural childbirth, it’s not always the answer, so she helps each woman weigh the options to make the best decision for her health.


Dr. Christine Brass-Jones received her medical degree from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, Iowa, then completed her residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Mesa General Hospital. She’s a member of the American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


Dr. Brass-Jones FACOOG is Board Certified through the American Osteopathic Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology since 2013. 

Women's Health Innovations of Arizona

At WHI, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality mental healthcare counseling and support services for mothers and families in need during pregnancy, the postpartum period and parenthood. Our goal is to provide accessible and exceptional care to all families experiencing difficulties with these transitions. We are compassionate about supporting families to help bring them success in childbirth, familial relationships and family life.

Dr. Kim Bryant

I like to give back to women and families because I know firsthand how much support and community it takes to be a mom.  It brings me such joy and fulfillment to be able to provide women with education and resources regarding all thing's pelvic health.  I have focused part of my women's health physical therapy practice on regular community education with the goal of teaching and empowering women about thier bodies and knowing that what may be common during pregnancy and postpartum is NOT normal and that there is help out there. 


Thrive pelvic health and wellness specializes in perinatal care with the options of in-person and virtual appointments.  We also have online courses to help support this season of life at your convenience. 

Professional ​

Elizabeth Wood

Our culture pushes new moms to "bounce back" once the baby arrives, undervaluing the essential period of physical recovery from pregnancy and birth as well as the intense self-identity shift as each woman rebirths herself.  Matrescence helps expectant families become more informed, equipping them to proactively ease their 4th trimester so they may thrive together, instead of merely survive.

Terian Gregory

Terian believes in creating positive sleep habits & fundamentals to create a loving environment for families.  This creates the opportunity for babies to learn to sleep from the beginning.  She is an advocate for healthy babies & families.  She loves to give her time to her community to spread science based sleep tools for families to begin this chapter in their lives in a positive way.  She also works with families with older babies & children on sleep and other parenting issues.

Dr. Judy Sullivan Osterhage

My mission is to educate and raise awareness and advocacy to stop child sex-trafficking

Dr. Judy offers on-course and webinars for Teachers, Parents and those working with children.

She helps schools become in compliance with AB 1227


Dr. Judy also trains in hotels and in the hospitality industry to come into compliance (SB-970)

with on-line courses for awareness and advocacy.