Welcome to the Virtual Mama Connection:


Supporting Moms, Dads and Families through Connection 

Providing a lifeline of communication to help prevent isolation, aide and restore relationships, thus making individuals and families stronger and healthier.


Providing Education and More  

Delivering Care Providers and Educators who are on the leading and cutting edge of healthcare, parent education and healthy family living. Implementing a platform to educate and present key health tips and considerations along with parenting tools. Guest speakers not only educate but provide a Q/A session with them, enabling a deeper connection of understanding.  Allowing families to be educated, supported and know that we are all here to serve and help each other for the greater good of our families.

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Not only do we have some great free takeaways for you, but we also give out more information each week ! Our amazing speakers are the top of their respective fields and constantly have new information to share. Our giveaways range from healthy  recipes, sleeping tips, meeting notes and much, much more. And if you happen to miss out on your favorite weekly meeting, no worries. We record most audio meetings and send you an email with it for download.